New York City

I’m truly enjoying getting to know what being in New York City means. I believe the saying goes,  New York City is the city that never sleeps.  I find that to be true when you’re a very early riser or are traveling between cities, you can almost always find a place to grab food or have fun.  The wonderful people who call this place home or find themselves working here all week, know this city as fast paced, hard working, organized chaos with millions of people doing what they need to do and going where they have to be.  I find that I have seen so many films, tv commercials and news articles that I was not expecting it to be as beautiful and first class a city as I have since found it to be, on my first visits here I did not know what to expect.  New Yorkers are very much a kind of their own and to be honest, nice people.  Yes you may get the opposite but for the majority of the time they are wonderful people and amazingly resilient, honest and most of all in it together.  I know some would disagree but I’ve seen this in many ways from the guy blocking the cars way to make sure the elder lady got safely across the road to random people helping someone up, to even seeing someone drop their wallet and another running after them to give it back.  Yes New York is the city that never sleeps but also it’s the city of dreams and people who care for their city and one another.  I’m very honored to be here and around so many good things & people. 

New York City and Surrounding you all deserve a big thank you and from this London Girl to you, looking forward to fun and exciting times ahead, nothing to crazy 🙂



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