Living, Learning & Loving the Possibilities

Good afternoon Nyc and beyond, the day has begun here in NYC and it’s another beautiful day.  New York always has a way to wake you up make you feel like there is no other place in the world like it and honestly that’s true.  New York offers the masses many ways to enjoy the pleasant days that are ahead of each and every one of us.  Simply put to enjoy and understand New York City you just have to be open to the possibility it might not happen all in one day, week, month or year.  New York City is that place where aspirations come true, dreams are not that far away and with the right mind set you are able to do anything you put your mind to.  It’s always easy saying that and what makes it hard is ourselves so I say to you let yourself enjoy the possibilities of NYC and the amazing gifts it offers be it a great new place to eat, a brilliant idea that often come from your surroundings or the chance encounter of that beautiful partner be it for a lifetime or a sexy afternoon.  This has been the greatest experience knowing that New York City is not only the City that never sleeps but also the city of memories past and future.  I know I’m looking forward to making many great new memories and hope you will join me on this amazing journey:)

Remember the experience starts well before you ever arrive.


Izzy xoxo xxx


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