Experiencing beauty through kindness

I would first like to say that beauty is all around us in the world and it can be as simple as a flower, the smell of the forest and in the most standard of forms what our being sees or feels when we wake up everyday.  We see everyday which is the world that is in front of us that has been so given to us in order to progress or just be who we are.  I am getting to enjoy kindness through the beauty of the mind and soul of others and by allowing myself new experiences and taking the time to realize that with each new day and each person I meet or day that I wake up I’m seeing the kindness of the world around us and given the people in it and all the great things we can do and allow ourselves to share with others we are all helping with this.  You may ask what about the other side of it and yes it’s there but even though there is the opposite to kindness in many ways it’s the way we accept that we are all different and how we choose to be is the beauty of it.  I’m getting to enjoy a wonderful Sunday with a great friend that has allowed themselves to live in the moment and allow themselves to be part of the ever creating side of what I love about people which is for better or worse being free to be kind-hearted, joy giving and beauty providing just by being themselves.  I know this may be a little bit hard for some to understand but if we allow ourselves to be open, kind and gentle than that is being something that is much more than ourselves and that is kindness through the beauty of being.  Thank you and enjoy your weekend.


Isabella Portia


Experiencing with an open mind in Albany



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