Friday (now) Saturday (tonight) Schedule & Side Note

Hello to each and everyone.  I wanted to say thank you very much for following my blog and just taking your valuable time to read what is going on around me and what my day looks like.  I’ll now be starting to post availability for the following day.  Example my availability for Saturday will be posted on Friday night.  With that being said my schedule changes quickly so if you know what time works for you for the following day or following week that’s great.  I do ask that your certain you can keep our date once you set the booking as I value your time and truly hope you do the same for mine.


Today is an exception as I’ve just started the post my schedule daily so right now I’m posting my schedule for today Friday.  I have limited availability left for today so if your looking to stop by today then I have from 7-9:30 starting time left so if this works for you great.  If I’ve seen you before just email, text or call me and I’ll be more then happy to put the time aside for you.  If I’ve not seen you before just understand there is a very simple verification process.


Saturdays schedule will be posted this evening bore 10pm and of course there will be updates and possible changes so even if it says it’s booked you can always call or text to make sure if you like.


Hope to see you all very soon:) xoxo xxx

Isabella xoxo xxx


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