Amazing Times in Nyc

Nyc and everyone that lives here or visits can honestly say that there is no place like it.  Today was no exception as the planned day turned out to be postponed (Yes it is going to happen).  Their was a certain feeling today that it was going to turn out great and it didn’t disappoint.  I will say that new plans were formulated and great opportunities came to light (A wonderful Massage and treated to a spa day)  This was all due to the amazing people that know when your kind, gentle and genuinely a good person that those things come your way.  I was the lucky recipient today with a friend taking me out and us enjoying the amazing day.  A couple friends today that were such gentlemen made it even better as it’s always nice to enjoy doing what you love to do and be able to share it with people who appreciate it.  Simply said I’m always thankful meeting the people that make NYC great.


Hope you all have a great day and I’m available tomorrow from 3:00pm 9:00pm only 


Isabella xoxo xxx


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