Friday 9-28-18 Availability. Stop by Today & Turn This Rain into Steam

Hello To Each and Everyone of You.  I thought I would show you one of my ads that gets put up so you can see that what it is your about to experience or at least a very good idea of it.  First my Friday Availability so take a look and get in touch today.

Friday 9-28-18 Availability

11-12:45–Start our date anytime from 11:00am-12:45pm 

4:15 to 9:30–Start our date anytime from 4:15pm-9:30pm

Welcome and thank you for viewing my ad,

I’m Isabella Portia a 5ft 9in exquisitely dressed and Genuinely very fit English Lingerie, Fashion & Product Model,  I Love to enjoy the wonderful company of the gentlemen that desire the finest experience(s) on offer.  I’m 130 pounds of pure and unhidden desire and love to be the genuine sexual muse that I am.  From the moment we meet to the second we part and long after I want our time to be thoroughly enjoyed.  Your making an Elite choice by choosing to spend your time with me and a choice that will be well rewarded with all the amazing points that each and every experience should have.  I’ve been described as many things such as a gentle, sweet, insatiable not to mention being a sexual muse and true sensation of the British Experience and all while making sure that our date, our discussion our …. is becoming the Truest form of memorable  experience not to be forgotten.


I’m located in the desirable area of Hell’s Kitchen in the lower 50’s & 8th avenue in an amazingly beautiful private apartment and would love nothing more than to have you stop by.  Should you not be able to stop by or would just prefer our time together be at your hotel or separate location of your choice then just say the words and I’m sure between us we can arrange a time that will work perfectly for us both.


While there are those who’ve written reviews, write on the forums or leave notes on my site for myself and others to view I would love to know what makes the perfect experience for you.  What would take our time together to the next level or just what you’ve always wanted to try or experience.  I’m the truest form of a sensual experience and while being constantly stimulating in all the right ways I also love to change it up sometimes with playful role-plays that we agree on beforehand.  I’m not into anything hard or painful so please don’t treat me as such.  I’m to be treated softly and in turn you will be shown what the purest form of a sexual muse and true British Sensation can do to reward you. 


Seize the day and the rewards will be yours.  I Hope you will decide to get in contact with me to set up what I’m sure will be not only a genuine and long remembered experience but your introduction to what the finest is able to offer and do to inspire you.

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