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Pretty in Pink


If you’re looking to enjoy London & New York City there are many places you can go to get some of what it’s like but there truly is only 1 place like each and we’re in one of them right now Nyc and I know speaking for myself that I’m so grateful that this amazing country and wonderful city has given me all the opportunities I’ve received and gifted me the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people.  I hope that you all have the ability to enjoy the many wonderful experience that the city and cities all over the world have to offer.  I say thank you to each and every one of you for taking even a minute of your time to read my blog and allow me to express positivity to each and everyone of us.


Todays Availability Saturday 9-29-18

If you’re setting a date to spend time with me be it today or another day please make sure when you set our date that you’re certain your able to keep our date and that if i’ve not seen you before that you are prepared to be screened as I don’t see anyone without them being screen.  Hope you enjoy your day and that you contact me when you have the time.

Saturday 9-29-18




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