Hello and Thank you for reading my Latest Trip Details. Next Stop Chicago then…….


I’m Isabella Portia a 5ft 9in exquisitely dressed and fit Genuine English Model,  I Love to enjoy the wonderful company of the gentlemen that desire the finest experience on offer.  I’m 130 pounds of pure and unhidden desire and love to be the genuine muse that I am.  From the moment we meet to the second we part and long after I want our time to be thoroughly enjoyed.  Your making an Elite choice by choosing to spend your time with me and a choice that will be well rewarded with all the amazing points that each and every experience should have.  I’ve been described as many things such as a sexual muse, an amazing lover, a true sensation of the British Experience and all while making sure that our date, our discussion our …. is becoming the Truest form of memorable  experience not to be forgotten. 

I’m headed to the west coast so will be going through several cities  so get in touch if your on or near I-80 

Cities coming up next,

  1.  south bend
  2. joliet
  3. aurora
  4. cedar rapids
  5. de moines
  6. omaha
  7. lincoln
  8. Denver

If your on this list it means i’ll be going right through you city.  If not means I’m hopefully not to far from you and able to come to you depending of course how far off. Hope to see you soon.

Click here for my website www.isabellaportia.co

Click here to email me at isabellaportia@protonmail.com

Feel free to email, text, or call and let’s begin our journey


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