Saturday June 22, Las Vegas Availability & Nyc Tour Details

Saturday June 22nd 10:00am to 10:00pm unless pre-booked.

I’m a stunning 28 year old Blond English Beauty I have that perfect golden honey tan with mesmerizing eyes, British born Natural Beauty with an extremely fun and naughty personality that i’ve been looking to share for so long. I love meeting new friends from all around the Globe! and truly look forward to meeting those who want only the best otherwise known as that long lost perfect experience. 

Having a meticulously toned and slim little body….with a tiny but very toned and fit waist, Perfectly natural and a sexy body that I love to show off with those I feel comfortable… a wild, naughty & creative imagination and I love role play, fantasy & pure pleasures in all parts of my life and looking to meet those who are like minded and don’t mind sharing their side of what it’s like for them.

I’m the genuine experience with a true outgoing, energetic and entertaining not to mention sexy woman. I love what I do and truly enjoy making our date one that leaves us both thinking about it far after our experience is over.

I do hope you will email, text or call me so we can have an amazing time.

Isabella Portia xoxo


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New York City Tour

Hello Nyc I’ve been getting your emails, text and phone calls and have decided to do a 7 day stop in Nyc sometime in the next 30-45 days and the exact dates will be announced in the next 7-10 days. Keep watching my website for daily updates and if you are able it would be best to pre-book as I’ll only be there for 7 days and there will only be so many dates possible. I’m truly looking forward to coming back and being able to meet both old and new friends so get in touch today and let’s make sure while i’m there we get to see each other. Approximate dates as of right now are July 22nd to August 15th but again the exact dates will be announced in the next 7-10 days.

Isabella Portia xoxo xxx


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