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These are fictional stories and are here because I love fantasy, wonder, imagination and the pure form of Dreams Becoming Reality.  Want to create your own Fantasy then get in touch and let's begin our Journey of unlocking your desires.

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  1. Isabella is my OOV list, (Only One in Vegas)
    TNA Username: isabellaportiaService
  2. Re: Isabella is my OOV list, (Only One in Vegas)
    So your headed to Vegas and looking for some fun. The choices are endless, from crackhead streetwalkers to beautiful girls in casinos who surprisingly find you, or at least your wallet, very attractive. Problem, Vegas is also filled with people who will rob you blind given the chance or turn out not to be the person in the pictures.

    My approach to hobbying in a new area is to find the most highly rated 5-star girl. In Vegas, its Isabella Portia, no one else is even close. While reviews don’t mean a whole lot any more, when lots of guys are motivated to write a 5-star review, it’s the best evidence the girl is the real deal. It also ensures your going to have fun, with little risk of being scammed.

    True to her numerous 5-star ratings, Isabella was a great choice. Her sole focus is on making sure that your visit exceeds expectations. She is not submissive, more like a waitress in a great restaurant who if you follow her guidance takes a meal from ordinary to extraordinary.

    Since reviews don’t provide much detail, I will go through my visit with some follow-up notes.


    Setup - initial contact, scheduling etc. was perfect. Isabella was very quick to respond.

    Outcall - nice, clean, and safe. About 12-15 minutes from the strip by Uber.

    Greeting - warm and friendly. She looks exactly like pictures with a smoking hot body. Yeah, that British accent is a turn-on.

    Bathroom - laid out nicely for a quick shower. (Guys if a provider offers a shower, take one even if you just took one. Your mileage will improve. Isabella values good hygiene and her's is immaculate.)

    Warm-up – It may have been shyness or over 50 issues, but I had trouble standing at attention. Isabella handled the situation beautifully and soon that was resolved.

    Main Event – it was wonderful. We ended up by her full-length mirror so had a view to her magic which was a great turn on. She was on her knees and I was standing. A top 5 experience in my dozen or so years in the hobby. I mean it was really that good, legit.

    Massage – I had booked 75 minutes and we had over a half hour left. Isabella then surprised me by giving an outstanding massage, the girl has skills. She wanted to make sure I got value for all the time I paid for.

    2nd Event – even more surprising, she started to bring me back to attention un-requested. Sadly, I didn’t have enough prior recovery time to complete, but it was extremely nice and welcome. I think she could raise the dead.

    Goodbyes – nice kiss and hug. I had brought her chocolates and she gave me a little goodbye gift.


    Focus - Isabella is totally devoted to making you happy. No provider I have been with has put more thought or energy into make sure my visit was outstanding. It’s different in the best possible way. She doesn’t waste time talking and doing nothing. She is always physically doing something to please you.

    Menu-Isabella is a very meticulous person. Check her TNA profile, and if something in the normal range of GFE activities is not listed under dislikes, then its probably on the menu. I had no complaints.

    Safety – Isabella is very hygienic so the chances of catching something is extremely unlikely. Because of her review reputation, I carried a large sum of cash with me. Never for a moment did I worry about it after I met her. She is one of the nicest people you will come across.

    Outcall – next time I see Isabella I will go the outcall route. I was staying in a 5-star hotel so having a 5-star girl there would have been perfect. While her in call was nice, it can’t compete with the Waldorf Astoria.

    Social – Isabella is a class act. She would be great to take to dinner. Although she probably has better table manners so I would have to raise my game.

    OOV - After seeing Isabella I inaugurated my OOV list with just her name on it. Partly because its so easy to be scammed in Vegas why experiment? Mostly due to the uniqueness of finding someone so beautiful and skilled, totally devoted to making me a happy man. Usually, I only get to Vegas 2-3 times a year but I now have a reason to go more often.

    Isabella Portia is one of the few sure bets you’re going to find in Vegas.

As it appears you already know:) Yes I love what I do.  I feel it's always a wonderful experience when you are enjoying the moment your in and understanding not only what the other person wants but making sure that you're both having a great time.  Ps I had a wonderful time.

xoxo xxx
Isabella is very quick to respond and will update you through  the whole way! She was on time and have me a toe curling mind blowing experience! Treat her with respect and she will make sure you are more than taken cared of. You can tell she loves what she does.. she knew exactly what i wanted and didn’t fail to give it to me. Isabella the experience we shared with that great view we had was something i wont forget! Next time i am in town, i hope our  paths will cross again!

isabellaportia - November 2, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to write me a review it's always appreciated and very much happiness inducing when I know you had such a great time.  I had a wonderful experience with you and would love to see you again.  xoxo xxx

Had missed her since she left nyc to be in Las Vegas.  She is gorgeous as always with long legs and sexy accent.  Happily with time spent with her. She is considerate of your wishes and let’s you know boundaries.  Excellent massage at end.   She tried to fill up time to continue the fun which was much appreciated.  All natural body and dillengent in making sure get most out of the time spent with her.

isabellaportia - October 24, 2019

Thank you very much.  It was my pleasure seeing you again.  I hope you have an amazing rest of your year and 2020.  Should you ever be back in Vegas don't hesitate to get in touch.

Ps New York will always hold a spot in my heart but Las Vegas is where my heart is now.

It Was my first time doing this but Izzy made this a wonderful experience, her verification process was a breeze considering being a newbie, she kept the information flow going up until our meeting and after. She's very friendly, gentle, soft spoken but a firecracker in bed. Her body is insane, long slim legs leads you to her wonderfully shaped round ass. She tastes yummy. I would see her again in a heartbeat.

isabellaportia - October 14, 2019

You're very sweet thank you.  I truly had a wonderful time as well.  Verification is very easy as long as you're willing to do the basics.  Until next time xoxo