Fun Tryst?  Find time to break away?

Can't wait until we meet, meanwhile why not take some time to read these points as they should help you understand how to enhance our experience together and help you be prepared for our date. Please send any questions to me via text.

I'm  is happy to receive:

Contact via Text

Contact via Email

Contact via Telephone

Having the perfect experience is possible through communication.  Please let me know if there is any likes or dislikes or must haves in order to make our date the best it can be.  I want nothing more than this to be the experience you always wanted but even better.

Activities open for discussion in a private setting, her place, your place or a casino / hotel

****Massage or Nuru **** GFE **** GF-BF**** 

Please Read carefully

Things I don't like

I don't like pain in any way.

I don't like rough play from me to you or from you to me.

I don't talk about services 

I don't like 2 person surprises.