Dedicated Time

Available upon Request

First when you come in please don’t talk about rates, or services in our date and please make sure to follow this or you will be asked to leave.

All options listed below are for time only

You & I

Thank you for taking the time to look at the rates for my time.  I look forward to welcoming you and you are genuinely appreciated.  The only thing I ask is once you’ve decided on a day and time that you would like our date to be and how long you would like it to last then please make sure you’re able to keep  our date as when you confirm a date with me I don’t double book,  or allow anyone else to meet me within that time.  

Locations:                                                                                                     My Place /  Your Place

30 minutes:     A Glimpse Into Luxury                                                       $200            N/A

60 minutes:     Luxury Exemplified                                                            $300            $350

75 minutes:      Luxury with an Added Touch                                           $380            $430

90 minutes:     Sumptuous With Hints of Perfection                              $450            $500

105 minutes:      Sumptuous with an added Touch                                   $530          $580

120 minutes:    Opulence of the Highest Quality                                    $600            $650

135 minutes:     Opulence with an added Touch                                      $680         $730

150 minutes:     Opulence with an added Moment                                   $760        $810

165 minutes:     Opulence with an added Moment                                   $840        $890

180 minutes:    Your Personal Muse on a Journey of Exploration        $900            $950

240 minutes:     Stretching The Boundaries of Time                              $1,200         $1,250



This option is for another female who is a girlfriend, friend or partner who comes along with you for a great time.  This would best suit another girl who might be your wife, girlfriend or friend.

If your looking to enjoy another type of date you can also choose to enjoy a date with me and another female friend of yours.  It’s a date that should be fun for those attending in person. Advance notice is always required of at least 1 day and you can try same day but it’s not guaranteed to be possible.  If this is something you are interested in let me know as it would be preferable to be introduced to your date beforehand as well.  The gift below is for me, you and a genuine female girlfriend, friend etc…  of yours and is only for my time and nothing else, you can also bring a sex doll if you like 🙂 

Locations:                                                                                               My Place        Your Place

60 minutes:          A true Introduction to F-FM                                    $600               $650

90 minutes:          A Great way release                                                   $900               $950

120 minutes:        Time to Truly Indulge in our Experience               $1,200             $1,250

180 minutes:         Your time to enjoy all the fantasies and questions you have with a truly  exotic beauty to melt not only the male but get all wrapped up in the female as well.                            $1,600                 $1650

240 minutes:     Now we take our time and get to truly enjoy every inch, of each other in a sexy way.  We get to do our most exciting fantasies and role-play and optional for another male or more females if you want our experience to be more party themed.                      $2000                 #2000


Now as a new service for those who wish to enjoy an experience with another bi-curious male we are happy to be able to offer this type fun as F(Isabella Portia) M(Michael)M(male) so we would have a great time in a safe and discrete environment.  Michael is Bi-Curious so no Athens on him or on you unless you enjoy a strap on but everything else is perfectly fine.  If you have been thinking about it, wanting to try it or just do it again then wait no further as it’s always a possibility with some advance notice of at least 2hrs but the more notice the better chance you have at getting the perfect day and time. 

Locations:                                                                                             My Place        Your Place

60 minutes:          Exploring the possibilities of FM-M                      $500               $550

90 minutes:          Taking your time to have fun.                                $750               $800

120 minutes:        The Lasting Date between friends                       $1,000             $1,050

180 minutes:         The lasting impression.                                          $1,500


240 minutes;          Remembering to try everything twice   $              $1,800



This is an amazing experience or perfect opportunity to let go and indulge making sexual fantasies personable and physical.  This is an opportunity to explore in the safest way with no judgement or just see how far you are comfortable going, although boundaries must be clearly communicated and agreed upon by the present parties.  There is a no judgment, no expectations.  If this is the next experience for you or just one that you want to enjoy again don’t hesitate to let us know as we’ve enjoyed this before and have no doubt it will be a great time for all.

Locations                                                                                                 My Place        Your Place

60 minutes:          Exploring the possibilities of FM-FM                    $1,000               $1,050

90 minutes:          Taking your time to have fun.                                $1,500               $1,500

120 minutes:        The Lasting Date between friends                        $2,000                $2,050

180 minutes:         The lasting impression.                                               $2,500


240 minutes;          Remembering to try everything twice   $              $3000